The Best 10 Seinfeld Gifts – Seinfeld Gift Ideas

Looking for perfect Seinfeld gifts, or something for yourself?

Well, look no further, as we’ve compiled the Top Seinfeld Gifts: Seinfeld board games, Seinfeld collectables, Seinfeld Trivia games and more! Make sure to pick up a Seinfeld Birthday Card to go along with one of these Seinfeld gifts, too!

Happy Festivus Board Game

Love them or hate them, the holidays are typically a cacophony of family, friends, and food. This year is different because Frank has invited you to his house for Festivus, a decidedly different kind of celebration. Grab your Festivus pole, travel the board while airing your grievances, and be the first to win the Ultimate Feats of Strength. Let the games begin - It's Festivus. for the rest of us!

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Kramer 'ASSMAN' License Plate

AS SEEN ON TV! This is the New York ASSMAN License Plate from Cosmo Kramer’s 1973 Chevrolet Impala, as seen in the episode "The Fusilli Jerry." After years of research, Celebrity Machines has produced the only metal stamped screen accurate prop replica available. This Seinfeld gift is a must have for any Seinfeld fanatic or prop collector!

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The Timeless Art of Seduction Lapel Pin

This exquisite George Costanza pin is made in the hard enamel cloisonné style, leaving a smooth finish and a jewelry-like shine. When people see you proudly wearing this testament to the timeless art of seduction on your lapel, they will shout that you are a Loverboy!

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Seinfeld – Trivia Board Game

This Seinfeld board game is about all the quirky characters and their adventures and misadventures. Race around the board to visit Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. Go to Monk's Diner and guess the quote. Try to be the first player to get soup from you-know-who and collect his soup container card to win. Lots of other surprises along the way. For 2 to 4 adult players. One of the most popular Seinfeld gift ideas.

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Seinfeld "No Soup For You" Official Mug

No Soup For You! If you don't follow the rules the Soup Nazi will kick you out of line and you get no soup. Get this ceramic white 24 ounce soup mug with one of the most memorable lines from Seinfeld on the front and the Seinfeld logo on the back.

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Seinfeld Monopoly Board Game

The collector’s edition of Seinfeld Monopoly is a must-have Seinfeld gift for enthusiasts of the popular “show about nothing.” While the basic rules of the classic game remain unchanged in this edition, everything from the game tokens to the title deeds features a clever Seinfeld reference. Buy a deed to Pendant Publishing, then draw a “Yada yada yada” card and see if you’ve been deemed “sponge-worthy.” For players eight years and older, this is a chance to be both a real-estate mogul and a Seinfeld trivia game whiz.

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Seinfeld Clue Board Game

At a gathering at Jerry’s apartment, Newman unveils a homemade newsletter containing embarrassing stories about Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, Puddy and Peterman. he tells everyone that he plans to use his postal route to distribute this newsletter all over New York. Clue, Seinfeld. 6 suspects, 1 thief, 9 weapons and Newman is out cold. Pick up this great Seinfeld gift today!

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Newman Action Figure Doll

The show about nothing! From NBC's Seinfeld, created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, bring home your favorite character as a stylized vinyl figure. The Seinfeld Newman Vinyl Idolz Figure measures approximately 8-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. This Seinfeld Newman Vinyl Idolz Figure goes from "Must See TV" to must have for your collection!

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Seinfeld: The Complete Series Gift Set

Limited edition 2015 Amazon-exclusive gift set includes: All 180 episodes from all 9 seasons on 33 discs, More than 104 hours of amazing extras, Bonus disc featuring the exciting reunion of the entire cast plus Larry David on the ninth anniversary of the series finale, Framed collectible puffy shirt, Deli ketchup and mustard-shaped salt and pepper shakers, Deck of Seinfeld playing cards, etc.

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Jerry Seinfeld's Cat Oven Mitt

Own the same oven mitt from Jerry's own refrigerator! This is the same replica oven mitt that the Seinfeld set designer used for the show. We, of course, think this is the best Seinfeld gift idea around and this Seinfeld gift is a must have for any Seinfeld fanatic or prop collector. Yo-Yo Ma!

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