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Seinfelds Cat Oven Mitt Prop. Get one:

Seinfeld's Oven Mitt

As seen on the HULU Seinfeld Apartment Pop-Up!


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  • Seinfeld's Oven Mitt Prop on
  • Seinfeld's Oven Mitt Prop on Entertainment Weekly
  • Seinfeld's Oven Mitt Prop on USA Today
  • Seinfeld's Oven Mitt Prop on the New York Post

More about the Seinfeld Cat Oven Mitt

Perfect for the Jerry in your life

Don't be fooled by knockoff Seinfeld merchandise. This prop replica is the real deal, brand new, and the same oven mitt that was on Jerry’s own refrigerator!

Why is this Seinfeld pot holder so special? Because Seinfeld's refrigerator was only happy once: when this oven mitt hung proudly on it's side. You’ve seen this Seinfeld cat potholder prop in many Seinfeld episodes displayed on the refrigerator and now, with the help of a cheap stick-on hook from the Dollar Store, you can now enjoy the best of all Seinfeld props in your own home. Here's some more important information:

  • The Seinfeld cat oven mitt is over 24 years old and significantly sexier than Justin Bieber.
  • When you place the cat oven mitt upon your fridge, fellow Seinfeld memorabilia fans may worship you as their omnipotent sun-god. Don't disappoint them.
  • This is the best Seinfeld gift around. In fact, it's the best of ALL Seinfeld props for sale! That's right, I said it.
  • Ownership of this rare Seinfeld TV Show prop brings great responsibility. You will be required to host a daily influx of regular guests, entertain them, and most definitely let them eat your cereal.

We only have a few of these goodies, so buy one now! Oh, and trust us, these make fabulous gifts for any Seinfeld junkie.

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